Charvin Oil Sets

Charvin’s extra-fine oil colours offer an extensive palette of colours, with poppy oil being the principal binder of all our colours.

This gives the paste a brilliant appearance, plus a creamy texture, and most importantly prevents your colours from yellowing with age.
However, it also provides opacity in certain colours, intensity, plus enduring resistance to light and ageing. The Charvin range of extra-fine oil colours may be used for traditional and Flemish-style painting techniques with the addition of various mediums.

What is more, due to their rich texture they are suitable for raised, somewhat thickened painting, and above all for Plein Air painting.
The manufacturing process for Charvin oil colours is based on ancient recipes (established in 1830) that made it possible to make oil colours for such artists as Cezanne, Bonnard, and Ambrogiani.

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9 x 20ml Tubes, 8 x 60ml Tubes, 9 x 20ml Blue Shade Tubes